Friday, May 15, 2015

Dehydro... what? Let's learn about DHEA!

This was me before preparing this lesson on DHEA!!
If you relate to this picture when it comes to DHEA, 
then have no fear - 
ThirdsDay of May is here!  

May 21st at 6pm we will talk about the final "Youthful Hormone" on our list, DHEA.  We will discuss what DHEA is, its role in the body, deficiencies, supplementation and precautions.  I have certainly learned a lot as I've prepared and I'm sure you will also.

This is an online presentation through FreeConferenceCall, so if you are interested in participating, simply click here to order your Class Invitation.  I will send the Invite with instructions to help you get signed in.  

Because it is such a crazy, busy time of year and most of us are avoiding staying indoors - please order your Invite by Wednesday (20th), so I can know if I even need to host a class/meeting at this time.  I totally understand if there are conflicts and am very flexible!

But, either way, I WILL prepare a recording of this class and put it on my online store as soon as possible. So if you are not able to participate online, you can still get the information.  The recorded class on Thyroid is also forth coming.   End of semester demands have covered me up this past month...  

This DHEA class will be the last class for awhile; at least over the summer.  I'll be teaching an OTC Nutrition class this summer and in the fall (in addition to other classes), so I'm not sure what my stress-o-meter reading will be come August or September.  

Maintaining balance and taking one day at a time has become my focus and stance in life these days! As each of you know, this involves simplifying and letting go!  I am exploring just what I have to offer humanity and how to be most effective, so you haven't heard the last of me for sure! 

Stay tuned!  Carla


Thursday, April 9, 2015

April ThirdsDay Already!! Let's Talk Thyroid!

My first little bloom of the season! 

I’m obviously a very limited gardener, but no less excited to welcome spring weather– rain, storms and all!

The turn of the season also means our thyroids will be coming out of hibernation soon. So this is a perfect time to refresh our learning on how to have a healthy, happy thyroid!

And that is exactly what we will do in April's online ThirdsDay Class! I hope you can join me on April 16th at 6pm, to discuss yet another “Youthful Hormone”.  There is so much to say about the thyroid gland and its important hormones.  

We’ve already discussed two other Youthful Hormones - Pregnenolone and Progesterone in the last two online classes.  If you missed those, you can certainly get caught up.  Studio recordings of the narrated presentations are available on my Square Market.  I will send you the recorded class in .m4v file format.

While you’re in my Square Market, please notice that I have added Progest E Oil Complex to my small list of products available.  This is for convenience for those who frequently ask me where they can purchase it.  So it may be for a limited time depending on demand.

This online market is where you order your Class Invitation as well.  With your invitation you will receive Instructions on how to participate through Free Conference Call and Screen Sharing.  Once you have your Class Invite, you can go to my FCC "wall" (link below) and find two printable handouts to go with this class in the Meeting Resources box.  You'll find a link to my Thyroid Tips handout as well as a Thyroid class outline. 

If you're feeling technologically brave, share this information with a friend or two and help them get signed on to join us in this e-venture of learning!  And as a reminder, headsets or ear buds with a microphone will allow each person to listen and talk freely throughout the class. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Last minute change for March ThirdsDay Class…


I am needing to postpone the scheduled March 19th class on Pregnenolone – my son and daughter in law are visiting from Los Angeles and that is the only evening they can stay with us. 

Since my audience is still small and very patient with me already; I hope you will forgive me for this (almost) last minute change.  So far I have only received two orders for a class invitation for this class, so maybe it isn’t a good date for others as well. 

I know with more daylight and better temperatures it will be even more challenging to corral everyone together.  We are all lovers of the outdoors and growing things – but I’m still confident that some connection is better than none.  I’m also hoping you have friends that may be interested in joining our e-class format and our numbers and conversations will grow!

I’d like to know from anyone interested in Pregnenolone, if you would like to put it off one week and meet online on Thursday, March 26th – OR if you’d rather wait until April ThirdsDay (April 16th).  Personally, I’m anxious to talk about this very beneficial hormone and I vote for March 26th.  Please email me your preference and I will reply with the ‘verdict’ via a personal email rather than this blog post.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility!  Those who know me best, know how excited I am to spend time with my son and his wife.  They are such a huge part of my life, but they live much too far away! 

I look forward to hearing from you about our next class!

P.S. I have posted the Pregnenolone handout on my Free Conference Wall, so feel free to print and peek at it. 

With great love & appreciation - Carla

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Progesterone - The Fruit of Cholesterol!

Happy Almost Spring to Everyone!! 

New-trition by Carla will be discussing Pregnenolone in the upcoming March ThirdsDay Online Class (March 19th).  Pregnenolone is called the “Fruit of Cholesterol” and serves as a precursor to Progesterone and all steroid hormones made in our body. 

What exactly is Pregnenolone?  Is it something we need to supplement and if so, how can we safely do that?

If you are interested in joining this class, please purchase your Class Invitation from the Square Online Market (link below).  Classes are offered through  (F.C.C).  Instructions on how to participate will be included with your Invite. 

There are two ways you can listen to and view the presentation through Free Conference Call:

1. You may receive audio on your computer to listen and speak while you view the presentation.  If you do this, you will need to follow instructions on downloading the desktop application for audio as directed.  AND you will need to have a headset or ear buds with a microphone.  It will not work to use the speakers and microphone built in your computer unless you remain muted at all times.

2.  You may call in on a separate phone to listen and speak while you view the presentation on your computer. 

Either way will work, but if this is your first class, it will take some time to set this up. So I suggest you don’t wait until class time, but set your computer access up a day or two prior to class. 

By the Tuesday prior to the scheduled ThirdsDay class, I will post a class handout and any other resources on my F.C.C. “Meeting Wall”.  So please visit this Meeting Wall (link below) ahead of time to download and print the handout.

An article by Dr. Ray Peat will be featured in this class if you’d like to read it before we meet. (link below)

You can also find a few tips about Free Conference Call on the Jan. 29th blog announcement linked here:

Class will begin at 6pm and allowing time for Question & Answer and Discussion, should end by 7:30pm.  

Well, you are all linked up now, so I hope you venture into Cyber Space and join in on the learning and networking fun from the comfort of your home!  For the brave souls who participated in our Progesterone class in February, I welcome you back and hope you are confident enough in the technology to invite others to join us.

Feel free to email me with any questions or contact the Free Conference Call Customer Service for assistance   877-216-7555.

Hear you Soon!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Class Invitations Available!

Hello Friends!  This will be short & sweet....

First of all, 

Happy Valentines Day!  

It is fun to have a day set aside to express our love and affection - something we should be doing with our family on a daily basis though, right?   

In the spirit of Valentines, I want to thank each of you for allowing me to be one tiny part of your busy lives.  The greatest thing about my New-trition by Carla endeavors besides teaching others Natural Health, is that clients become friends!   

Class invites are now available on my online store (Square Market).   First online class will be next week (remember ThirdsDay!!)  the 19th at 6pm.  We will be learning more about Progesterone for Men & Women.  

Some instructions on participating in online classes are now on the "Classes" page of the website where you will find a link to Square Market.

Please read instructions on the website; there are more instructions on Square Market in the product description.  Let me know if they absolutely do not make sense.  Basically, Square Market charges $7.95 flat rate per order, no matter what or how many items you order.  So one individual Class Invite is $2.95 to make a total transaction amount of $9.95.  

Please, do not order more than one Individual Invite per order!!!

As you will see, any additional invites on the same order have a different selection and are $9.95 each or per person.  So, if you want to purchase an Invitation for a friend or another member in your family that is the selection to make and of course, you can order any amount of Additional Invitations.

Once the order is processed, I will send an Invitation with sign on instructions to the email you provide.

"Practice" online class earlier this month went well.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Angela C. and Kathy V. for their help and great suggestions.  So after reading last's month's newsletter/blog at this blog site with instructions and looking over the information I've provided on the website - please try to get yourself set up and ready to go for February ThirdsDay!

Once you get to my Free Conference E-Call "wall", you can open and/or download a document that provides 3 articles to read in preparation for this class.  Yes... just a little homework!  Classes are to be interactive, I want your input, comments as well as questions!

Email any questions, or better yet, call the technical support phone number provided if you run into questions or issues.

Well, I said this would be short & sweet....  At least, it is sweet!!!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!      Carla

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Practice Meeting Tips!

With a little experimentation and some lengthy technical support phone conversations, (and with Angela Christian's tremendous help doing the same experimenting and phone calling) (THANK YOU ANGELA!!)- here is a list of step by step instructions for signing on to our upcoming Practice Meeting on Thursday, Feb. 5th at 6pm.

As long as you have the Meeting Link and Meeting ID you do not need to receive a special "invite" from me for this first free Practice Class.  In the future, I will send Invitations based on class "orders" through my Square Market online.  (we'll discuss all of this on the 5th).

Anyway, below are the steps and I do not guarantee 100% that your computer and system will behave exactly according to these steps.  Which is why I suggest you do most of these steps prior to class time.   And be sure to have the tech support phone number handy; they are extremely patient! 877-216-7555 (I have that # memorized...)

In order to hear audio through your computer you will need to install the proper desk top application as instructed below.  Once it is installed, that step will not need to be repeated for future classes.

If you do not wish to install the desk top application - you can still join the meeting and use a regular telephone for audio by actually dialing the number and listening in on the phone (712) 775-7031.

Now to get on with the steps:

_____ Go to Free Conference Call link

_____ Select Online Meeting in top white bar, select "Join"

_____ Put in the Meeting ID 148-949-152, select "Submit"

_____ Enter your name & email address,  select "Join"

_____ You will see a black screen with a "Waiting for Presenter" message

_____ On that screen find the "information" icon on the task bar (that is the little "i" with   a circle around it)

_____ Click on the "i" icon and select "Desk top Application to download" (or something like that; this part I've never seen myself, but was told by tech support this is what it says)

_____ The installation process will begin, then it will launch the program

_____ At this point, you should have the same Meeting Dashboard as me (you'll be sharing my desktop)

_____ Select the green telephone icon on that Meeting Dashboard (upper left box on screen)

_____ This will give you audio through your computer

So there we are (or hopefully will be) on Thurs. Feb. 5th at 6pm!!  Thanks for your efforts to join this class and your patience in doing so!  I look forward to our little community of learning and networking!

Please email any new discoveries regarding getting signed on or questions of any kind!

Carla Brock

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Practice Class Coming Up!

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to 2015! 

I hope it is off to a very good start for each of you!

Wheels are turning slowly for me as I'm trying to find the best and easiest way to begin online classes!  My schedule allows for Thursday evenings and most of us are accustomed to the third week of each month - so, my creative juices came up with the ThirdsDay Class!  No, that is not a typo!  It is the Third Thursday of each month!  A bit tricky to say, but hopefully hard to forget!!

Classes will be offered through  It is recommended to download the desktop application for FreeConferenceCall in advance to ensure expedited access at the scheduled meeting time. Click this link  to download and install this application and configure your computer for these shared sessions.  You will find a technical support phone number to call if you have problems.

There will be a free "Practice Class" on Thurs. Feb. 5th (NOT a ThirdsDay!) at 6:00pm.  Besides a trial & error opportunity, this will be an orientation to future classes, fees, etc..  I'll report on Survey Monkey feedback and we can take a vote on class starting time.  6pm or 6:30pm - be thinking about that!  

Our first real ThirdsDay Class will be Feb. 19th!!!

Also, I plan to eventually figure out how to record these classes and offer recordings for those who miss or cannot participate at this specific time.  I apologize that I'm not a 'whiz' at this technology, and I will probably make mistakes until I get it right!

The Meeting ID is 148-949-152. This ID number will get you to my "Meeting Wall" from where I'll be able to share my computer screen with all participants.  You may want headphones with a microphone if your computer speakers & mic are not adequate. Participants can also communicate with typed messages in the Chat box at the bottom left of the screen. 

I will be practicing this myself this weekend (recruiting Ronnie as a participant), so I will send another news-blog if I discover any helpful tips or suggestions.   Please email me if you discover any as well!  (

Mark your calendars, plan an evening at home, get comfy and prepare to connect!