Saturday, April 5, 2014

Out House Rules!

Bowel & Bladder –

What a lovely topic for this month’s Health By Systems: 101 class!

The sarcasm in ‘lovely’ is obvious, but there must be some way to approach the subject of elimination with appreciation rather than aversion. 

The simple truth is two-fold:

1.  What comes out at the end is as important as what goes in at the beginning!
2.  What comes out at the end depends on what goes in at the beginning!

For those who might need a translation:  
Your stools and the health of your colon and urinary tract
 are as important as and depend upon your diet and nutrition.

Those simple truths will be discussed in class this month as well as the following related topics:
  • Colon cleanses
  • Toxic colon
  • Chronic constipation
  • Fiber
  • Kidney stones
  • Prostate health
  • Urinary tract infections
Last month you learned about your liver as a vital organ for detoxing.  This month you will learn the direct impact your colon has on your liver.  You will learn how you can neutralize toxins, and consequently help your liver and your metabolism, by giving your colon what it needs (and it does not need fiber).

Your urinary system is also important for different reasons in the elimination picture.  But your kidneys also play a huge role in blood pressure regulation, fluid retention and the balance of electrolytes and blood pHs.  Most of us take urinating for granted until things go wrong.  Men especially are concerned about their prostate gland, which if enlarged, can affect their urination. 

Let’s talk about how to avoid chronic issues 
in this important system.

Human elimination is certainly personal and private and many think it is unpleasant.   However, it is just one more indication that our bodies are designed for balance and all of our bodily systems are interrelated and connected. 

We are not bashful with this topic of bowel and bladder because it is so important!  Where else are you going to be able to learn and talk about this human function from a natural health perspective?

Third Monday Class – April 21st – 6:00 pm
$5 per person
Panera Bread meeting room
North Kansas Expressway, Springfield, MO

Questions??  Please email Carla at

See you soon! 
Carla & Ronnie

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Love Your Liver!!!

 Better Late then Never…  I apologize this monthly newsletter is now 2 weeks late.  Hopefully it is not too late for you to mark your calendars and attend our Third Monday of the Month educational class!

Love Your Liver Day!!
Monday, March 17th may be St. Patrick’s Day, but it is also “Love Your Liver (& gallbladder day)”!  So wear your green to the 2nd of 11 Health By Systems: 101 presentations.  Class will start at 6pm and you’ll find us in the side room of Panera Bread, N. Kansas Expressway, Springfield, MO.  The class fee is the usual $5 per person. 

Your health and metabolism depend on this very important and often misunderstood biliary (liver/gallbladder) system.  We will discuss the many functions of these organs, how they work in tandem and some of the things that can go awry. 

How can you protect your liver?  How can you help your liver heal? Why has the liver traditionally been referred to as “the seat of anger”?  What about gallstones?  Do you really need your gallbladder?  What about liver and gallbladder cleanses?  These are a few of the questions that we will discuss.

Once you learn about this organ system, you will understand why your overall health is only as good as your liver is healthy!

We look forward to seeing you soon! 
Feel free to bring a friend!  
The more the merrier when it comes to health!

P.S. we have a few extra bottles of Miracle II soap available for purchase (email me if you want your name on one or two bottles)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Gut Feeling!

Did you know that the lining of your small intestine rejuvenates (regenerates or replaces) itself about every seven days? 

Our Lovely Gut!
That sounds like good news, right?

It is good news in the sense of rapid healing, if indeed, healing is taking place.  That means the new enterocytes (the cells that line your entire intestinal surface area, which by the way, if laid out flat would be about the size of a tennis court) are a bit healthier than the old enterocytes they are replacing. 

Unfortunately, that is a BIG ‘IF’!

IF the foods you eat every day are not genetically modified, or laden with chemicals and additives; and IF those foods are low in starches, gluten, unsaturated oils and lectins (aka ‘sticky proteins); and IF they are adequately hydrolyzed (digested) by chewing well, stomach acid, bile and pancreatic enzymes… 

Well, then your millions of enterocytes have a chance at healthy, proper rejuvenation as well as assimilation (when nutrients pass through the small intestinal lining to be absorbed into the blood stream).

Why is this important anyway?  And what’s the bad news?

Your intestinal lining is the defining point between longevity and degeneration, between optimal health and chronic disease, ultimately between life and death.  Sounds a little sensational doesn’t it? But that is the continuum we are all on, like it or not.

The bad news is – the big IF’s (above) are not happening for most people and that underlies our nation’s poor health and the medical system’s revenues.

Big IF’s = Big Bucks!

More bad news – cells that naturally rejuvenate quickly are more susceptible to becoming cancerous than other slower reproducing cells.

Do you see why “The Digestive System” is going to be our first Health By Systems: 101 topic?  There is so much to talk about and learn!  Besides learning some big words (underlined above), we will learn practical tips on healing your gut and what the medical system is likely to do if you don’t.

If your enterocytes ain’t happy, ain’t nobody healthy!

So I have a ‘gut feeling’ this will be a great class!

Don’t miss it!  
Third Monday of February (17th), 6:00 pm
Panera Bread meeting room
N. Kansas Expressway, Springfield, MO

Other announcements:

Check out our website ( I’ve been busy reorganizing, consolidating pages and adding new pages to improve our web presence to more potential clients/members.

And you don't have to be a nurse to visit my Holistic Nursing website (links from Holistic Nursing page).  Anyone involved in any aspect of patient care, the medical system, or even as a patient advocate for a family member, can benefit from articles, links and encouraging quotes to keep us centered and strong.

Be sure to complete your “I Want to Know” client survey before Feb. 8th! It is embedded on the website on the 2014 Class Schedule page (which is now on the ‘Class Schedule and Topics’ page.  Thank you to those who have already submitted their responses! 

If you haven't already, please note the updated prices for Enzyme Solutions and Miracle II products as well as our new Square Market online store!  I am slow but sure with technology!  

The ‘Members’ Only’ section is next to be revamped. It is badly in need of an overhaul!  So, check back in the near future to see how it's going.  Feel free to send me any suggestions or comments!

See you soon!  C & R

Friday, January 10, 2014

What Do You Want To Learn???

What do you want to learn?

For those who are interested in attending the Health by Systems: 101 course this year, I would like to know if there is anything in particular you would like to learn as we go through each bodily system. 

What specific questions do you have related to any system or regarding any topic or chronic disease condition that occurs within that system?

To provide your input, I have created on online survey through Survey Monkey that is very simple to access, complete and submit.  The surveys are anonymous and will be very helpful as I prepare presentations each month. 

To complete the “I Want to Learn” online survey you may click on the link below or you will also find this link on my website ( on the 2014 Class Schedule page.

You may complete this survey only once, but at any time or you may want to wait until after our January class (20th) where I’ll provide a general overview of topics that are already being planned.   Thank you in advance for your valuable input! 

This survey will close on February 8th.

 One More Announcement!!!!

You can now order Enzyme Solutions online through Energy Concepts’ Square Market!!   There is a link from the Enzyme Ordering Page of the website or you may click on the following link to check it out!

There are many advantages to this online ordering option.  Prices do have to be higher to use this convenience, but only one shipping/handling fee is added per order whether you order 1 bottle or 10 or more!  

We will continue to offer Enzyme Solutions well below Suggested Retail as long as possible.  Also by ordering through Square Market, credit card privacy issues will no longer be a concern for you or us!

The most commonly ordered formulas are available in our Square Market, but gradually more formulas will be added.

Please email me at if you have any questions!

Thank you again!  See you soon!  Carla & Ronnie

Friday, January 3, 2014

Health by Systems: 101

"By not accepting personal responsibility for our circumstances,
we greatly reduce our power to change them"
Steve Maraboli (Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience)

You may take your vehicle to an auto mechanic with very little knowledge of what is under the hood of your car.  All you understand is the “Check Engine” light and want it fixed.  But when you have a physical symptom, do you also take your human body to a medical doctor with very little knowledge of how things work inside? 

Sadly, most people do just that.

Don’t manage your health like many do their automobiles with total trust in someone else’s knowledge.  You cannot trade in your body like a car!  It is imperative that you look “under the hood” so to speak, of your one and only human body.  This is why New-trition by Carla is now offering an eleven-course study entitled:

Health by Systems: 101

This study will present the basic structure and function of 11 different bodily systems, such as the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, and the reproductive system.  

Natural Health approaches to optimal health of each system and “true prevention” of chronic disease will be explained.  Conventional medical understanding and interventions will also be discussed so that you can be an informed consumer of health care if it becomes necessary.

New-trition by Carla 2014 classes will continue to be on the third Monday of each month at Panera Bread on North Kansas Expressway in Springfield, MO at 6:00 pm.  The class fee remains $5 per person.

Don’t miss the Introduction to this Health by Systems: 101
study on January 20, 2014!!

Each month thereafter the topic will be on a different bodily system and will conclude in December 2014.  Please visit for more information on these upcoming, exciting and interesting classes!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Basic Why & How - Gelatin Instructional DVD

For some reason, my posts are not being sent to subscribers this month - I have no idea the problem..  If you do receive this but did not receive the Dec. EC News, please link to the newsletter from our website on the Newsletter Link page to read about our class this Monday, 16th.

But I thought I'd try again by sending you this link to view the Introduction to the Gelatin DVD. This Introduction can also be found on the Instructional DVDs page of our website. This DVD is available for purchase now, I'll have several copies at class.

We hope to see you soon!
Carla and Ronnie

Saturday, December 7, 2013

E.C. in December!

Ronnie and I want to say
“Merry Christmas”
to all our wonderful clients who are also our wonderful friends.

We hope everyone is staying warm in this winter blast of snow and ice.  You have to admit it is rather pretty and serene (if you’re looking out a window).

Surely by the third Monday of this month, Dec. 16th, this white stuff will be gone because you don’t want to miss New-trition by Carla’s “Holistic Weight Management” class.  It will be at Panera on N. Kansas Expressway in Springfield, MO at 6pm.  Even if you have attended this class before, it is now reorganized and refreshed to clearly present the core of most weight problems and solutions.

Weight management to you may mean, “weight loss”, or it may simply mean, “weight maintenance”.  Either way, losing or maintaining, our weight concerns are deeply holistic.  What we choose to eat, how much, why and even when are all influenced by our body, mind and spirit.

The last three months of EC News I have been emphasizing healing from within and how thoughts create chemistry.  I have discussed your invisible partner, your subconscious, who is quite independent, guiding behavior choices and emotional reactions. This is the way your body-mind-spirit was created; all connected. We must visit these concepts for transformation to take place.  And to reach and maintain your ideal weight, a transformation must take place. This includes nutrition and activity level, but equally important your relationship with food. 

It will be a great class so bring a friend!

Two other announcements:   

1.  We have made another leap into cyberspace and have disconnected our business phone.  We can be reached 24/7 through our website email addresses:


2.  The Basic Why & How: Gelatin DVD is finished!!!!  I will have several available at the Dec. 16th class.  This DVD is about much more than gelatin.  It teaches about proteins, amino acids, digestion, and stress versus balance, as well as recommendations and suggestions to get gelatin in your daily diet. Let me know ahead of time if you will want to purchase this or any of the other DVDs so I can be sure to put your name on them.  DVD prices are 3 for $65, 2 for $45, or 1 for $25.

Be safe!  Love Family!  Love Self!  Embrace Peace!